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Unknown voltage drain

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So I replaced the VR in this 1997 W210 E320 and now there is a voltage drain in the system.
The old VR was high with 16V output.
Battery dies overnight so I checked to see if there was a drain......and there was!
Checking the fuses in the engine compartment I have a drain on 4,5,17 and 20.
Pretty much all of them are live in the fuse bank next to the battery.
Any ideas....could the high output have blown relay of something?
What fuses feeds the rear fuse bank?
Does anyone have a wiring diagram of this car?
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check ELECTRICAL in the STICKY, Brian, for fuse maps

since you've roughly narrowed it down, now you continue within each circuit using
an amp meter. this time, you begin unplugging modules within a circuit in order
to begin locating (and eliminating) which is the culprit for the parasitic draw
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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