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Greetings all Moggers,
I am new to the Unimog scene and would love any input from some of the more experienced members. For many years I have heard many great things about Unimogs but have never had the opportunity to own one, until now. I have been a diehard Land Cruiser guy for a long time but I know comparing the 2 would be like comparing apples and oranges as they are 2 very different vehicles. But what has made me such a diehard Cruiser fan has been the reliability, ease of maintenance, and capabilities offroad.

The model I am looking at is the 404 gas model either in troop carrier config or in radio box. Can anyone provide me any information on performance (offroad and highway), driveability, reliability, maintenance, and pros and cons of diff countries of origin (i.e. German vs. Swiss, etc.) as well as pros and cons of the 2 diff configs I mentioned above. Also, are there any features that are a must for offroading as I will be using this as a work truck on a ranch in the hill country of Texas? Thanks in advance for any input and I look forward to hearing from you.

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