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Dear Mercedes Benz:

I write to you in my character of charter member of the Association Argentina de Unimog ( founded on February of the 2002. At the moment we has more than 160 members worldwide (Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, United States, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay, Venezuela).
Our page of Internet already had more than 15,000 visits and we are in process to translate it to the Ingles and the German. The objective of our association (without profit aims) is the one to promote the use of the different models from vehicles 4 X 4 Mercedes Benz Unimog and to obtain bonds between fans and proprietors of Unimog and compatible vehicles worldwide.
Regularly we made encounter of Unimogs in where nonsingle they attend proprietors of Unimogs, but also fanatical. Until now we made three encounter and on September 27 we will make 4° Unimog’s Encounter.
In the last made encounter (December 2002) participated 10 vehicles and had diffusion through the televising program “El Garage�, the most important of Argentina and that it also transmits in several countries of Latin America. Also an article in the magazine Unimog Heft’l was published. For the next encounter already they have confirmed its attendance 20 Unimogs and several Jeeps Class G. And will be filmed by the�Planeta Camión�(Truck Planet) program.
Lamentably in all the encounter we did not have collaboration of Daimler-Crhysler Argentina. Of no type. I have spoken in several opportunities with Mr. Hector Conigliaro (Representing of sales of Unimog) and Mrs. Dana Mc Corry (Manager of Institutional Relations) without being able to obtain no type of favorable answer and in the encounter we could not exhibit flags nor advertising products of Mercedes Benz.
Today I spoke with Mrs. Dana Mc Corry that said to me that Daimler Chrysler Argentina does not have flags nor rowers and merchandising of Mercedes Benz or Unimog to give us for the encounter. This products will be used in the Mogs or they will be gives to members (drawing). They does not have graphical material either (prospects, manuals, pamphlets, pics, etc.).
It´s surprising, but I have obtained more aid from Mr. Roland Feix of Unimog-Club-Gaggenau that of your Argentina branch. But the surprising thing of everything is that here in Argentina we made the Unimogs but it seems that for Daimler Chrysler Argentina the Unimog is not important and we, usuary of Mercedes Benz, less.
But the reality indicates that by the economic situation that we have in our country, there are many interested in Unimogs to be able to use them in rural tasks.
By all this is that I ask for you your collaboration with our association and that you can help us so that together, we pruned to preserve and to foment to our dear Unimogs.

Thanks in advance.

Gustavo Tizeira.
Unimog 416 ’81.
[email protected]
[email protected]
Av. Diaz Velez 3762,10° Fl., Apt. “A�.
Capital Federal. Buenos Aires.
Republica Argentina.

Gustavo Tizeira.
Unimog 416 '81.
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