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A series on the Chrome UNIMOG logo script; 406-416 type first.
Some factory, some re-pops.

Minutiae for sure. There are subtle differences. If you want to waste some time , go back to the Star Emblems thread and start
looking at the "pebbled" background around the star. Got it ?
OK, now start looking at the number of dots or pebbles that span one leg of the star...8?...10? more....a real waste of time..but
it is just an indication of how many variations there really are.
I'm not saying I care, just that I noticed....
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Does anybody here have one of these UNIMOG hood scripts for sale that won't break the bank ? I have a bunch of other bills I should be spending my money on but I need one. PM me maybe I can afford it - Thanks Steve

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Much to everyones suprise Im sure... I got some off of a MB 300 that I will somewhere put on my mog since it has a 617 diesel in it. Maybe just the "turbo" part have not decided.
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