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What variety of air hose is this? The thumbscrew end apparently goes to the air regulator, but what's that other end for?

From the pictures (it's not mine) the far end looks like it could push-fit over the Schrader valve stem and seal by the rubber gland, but there is no probe to open the Schrader valve. Perhaps this fitting is for forcing high volume air into a tire to seat the bead? Makes no sense though with no valve on the line.

An MB-only quick connect?

So what is the special purpose of this hose assembly?

It's for sale by owner, NOS in neat little canvas pouch. PM me for contact info.

No smart aleck remarks about my nice fingernails either LOL



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Seen a few online, never one in person, mine has a regular end.

If you google image search "Reifenfüllschlauch Unimog" you'll see a few with that end. (Also Reifenfüllschlauch bundeswehr as it's a general air hose, not Unimog specific)

It shows up for VW, Suzuki, etc, so no, not MB specific.


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