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1985 190E
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Few odd questions, one odd suggestion.

First question:
Is this still an outstanding issue? If not, please post the resolution.
Second question:
Have you noticed any oddities in fuel pressure at the time of fueling. Any positive, or negative pressure when you open the fuel cap?
I recently purchased a 190e with no M/B experience. Following a maintenance research, and a compression check, picked up the automobile. After a few weeks, experienced the same indications you experienced. After jumping to a few conclusions, my BMW shop recommended that I try to run with the fuel cap off, since they've seen similar issues due to fuel venting problems.
Try running with the fuel cap cocked to allow greater air venting into the tank.

Please let me know your findings. Mine ran without issue in this mode. I'm still trying to find a root cause to my problem, I'll share the resolve if it's a positive cure for an intermittent problem.
Michael T. McHugh
PS--yeah yeah, I know it's not a BMW, but these guys have seen allot of cars pass through their shop, and are highly regarded.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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