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1991 180E 1.8L Petrol
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HI everyone, this is in a way a follow up post to a previous post from a few months ago. My 180E had been sitting for quite some time. I have replaced the battery (to the correct size), a new fuel pump and filter has also been fitted. After fitting the pump and filter and jumping - the car ran/idled freely (albeit quite rough) for a short time allowing me to move it to properly charge the battery. When trying to start the car the next day it would not start/idle. Now it will only run with several some foot on the accelerator. This also causes lots of smoke to billow out. I am stumped!

Ive pulled the plugs and they are very black (likely from all the priming of the fuel pump in trying to get it to start. I have released as much of the old fuel as I could and diluted with new fuel however still unable to get an idle (even a rough one at that). Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi. Can I recommend putting your car model and year into your profile for us some time please? It's really helpful - Complete your Profile

When you say jump, you mean started from another car? Sometimes this can damage the OVP. Might be worth checking.

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1. What color is the smoke?
2. If it is white could be a bad head gasket
3. Have you replaced the Oxygen sensor?
4. If so did you re set the fuel ratio on a lambada tool or a four gas scope with the tailpipe probe inserted?
5. What color/ condition is the oil?
6. If the oil looks like a milk shake then you have a bad head gasket
7. What color is the coolant/ anti freeze? If it is a green & tan color then you have a bad head gasket
8. Have you tested the fuel pressure with a fuel pressure gauge?
9. Have you performed a compression test? If so what was the readings?
10. A common problem with the 190 E is the computer/ engine management system but I don’t think you have the equipment to test it
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