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U1300L Door Locks

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I recently became the proud owner of a U1300L that started out life as a military troop carrier. I need to get a safety inspection done on it to keep my insurance company happy, and in preparation for drving it into town to work next week, and leaving it parked down town most of the day while I am at work I was going over securing all of the boxes, the spare tire, etc., and I noticed that I couldn't lock the cab doors with the ignition key (only key I got from the previous owner).

Can anyone confirm that the doors on the military U1300L came with lockable doors (there is a keyslot in the release button).

Can anyone advise if the ignition key should work to lock / unlock the cab doors, or if the door locks utilize a separate key.
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welcome to the forum greg. i also have a mil 1300l.....with no way of locking the doors. i have been assuming that it only a matter of having the right keys for the door? ive never got around to needing a locked door...but i will soon have need for a locking cab...i have no doubt someone here has the answer. kris
I can't speak for military trucks, but my civilian U1300L uses the same key for the doors and ignition.
Mine is U 1250, which is non-military and has separate key for the doors.
It seems to be made stock this way.
Most of the earlier Ex-military U1300L's have a different key for the doors, I really don't know why, since most of the civilian trucks are all keyed together, but then again, I think most of the German trucks had the same ignition key, kind of like the 406/416's were. It might have somethng to do with it. Some locksmiths can take a door handle and cut you a key... I have one here locally that has made them for me before.

My 1450 came with one key for ignition and doors, then at a mechanics shop they let the batteries drain down, they could not get the key out the ignition, they broke it so they got a locksmith who made a key that only worked for the ignition and not for the door locks... I ended up hiring a locksmith to make one and four copies that operate both the ignition and door locks.

That's yet one more bump on my head towards mog ownership experience.....

is the required key blank a semi common one? or can a good smith work around that?
I got the correct key blank at a local Locksmith that the MB dealer referred me to. They were a little too pricey, but the key isn't all that rare. MB sedans also used it.


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Do the MB sedans also use the barrel? I have different keys for the ignition, left and right door but all work!
I believe the sedans use the same lock cylinder.


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My old 421 key was much different than what you have pictured their, Truktor. The plastic piece on the key was lopsided which appeared to be for ease of turning. It actually was a pretty nice design. The key to my 406 was non-stock, so nothing for comparison, unfortunately.
Some more keys.

Just to be clear : In the SBU photos, it shows the ignition barrel, which,
hopefully matches both doors. The matching sets with keys do come up on EBAY.DE from time to time.


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Keys of another type : The main battery switch key.


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Then, the other key which opens the hood, removes the grill and opens the battery box on SBU's.

VW Buses used a version of the same thing, which is easy to find in the VW re-pop market for $4-$8 or so...


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This one is the correct SBU key, as it has the female end for the battery
box studs.


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My Battery box is different. It uses a different key, also made in Europe. The Hellgeth's built the Stainless box, or had it built, and the locks are screw-tight units that really camp the door down. It takes a few turns, unlike the 1/4 turn
factory latches, but they clamp very well.

I managed to track down the manufacturer (Ganter) and ordered more keys - I just felt better with plenty of extras, since it is such a weird-ball fitting for the US.

Note the built-in bottle-opener feature.


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Love the stainless TRUKTOR...
Those round keys remind me of those model Schuco wind up toys. Those SBU keys are still available by code from MB or blank from our suppliers such as Eurotruck (I think they are $15.00 US for SBU). The only note I would make is that the Huff Unimog keys are what I would call 'real solid steel' (not that brass core crap) Most of the locksmiths I have had cut them bitch about wearing out their keysaws. They charged accordingly.

You can order a re-key set with ignition and doorlocks from Merc. Probably less $ than a lock smith to make some keys for the doors and then you have one key that fits it all.
i finally got my doors keyed. jim ince sent some blanks which i brought to a locksmith along with door lock assembly. all the parts inside the door that needed cleaning and grease(window crank and lock linkage) were easy to access .....nice to have it all working smooth.
82 U1300L (ex German Troop Carrier) Keys

So it ended up that the ignition key and door keys were the same - the door locks were simply stuck from not having been used for who knows how many years. I took the truck to a local locksmith who made me additional keys based on some standard Mercedes blanks which he had in stock.
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