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Tyre problems

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I have a 2001 (uk - 80,000 miles) clk 430 with a strange problem that i think may be tyre related. when I back out of my drive first think on tight lock, i get strange noises comming from the front - sounds like the tyes are 'crabbing'. the mechanics can find no fault and suggest new tyres - any experience out there?

Current tyres are 225x45 17 on the front and 245x40 17 on the rear.

When i change the tyres I would like to get a better ride - it 'crashes' over our bad roads.
- Can i go for 225x50 17 and 245x45 17 ???
- considering Pirelli P6 - any opinions

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Hey bro, I have the same thing. Does it do it when it is cold outside? Does it sound like your tyres are bouncing over the pavement?
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