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Two problems and a question. W202 C-180.

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1 - air/vacuum leak sound from rear left door.

It just started recently, I noticed this while unlocking that it sounds like air is leaking from the rear left door. It blows for like 5 to 6 seconds then stops.

I was about to open the upholstery, but thought that I should ask here first as in what should I expect to wrong when im doing so? :D

2 - I get this vibration and with quite a throaty sound when driving up from 800 RPM in whatever gear and is only noticed while driving, when idling no matter how you rev the engine its not there. And can be noticed specially when you slow down for a turn and then rev up again... it goes away within a few seconds as the engine smooths out. the sound comes from the engine compartment, my guess is the main pulley because its leaking oil from there as well, but I need ideas as in what it could be? What type is the main pulley, is there any harmonic balancer / damper in it?

and the question:

The cross where the drive shafts join, needs replacement, I wanted to know if there anything else that should be replaced or GREASED / LUBED?

Thanks in advance
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1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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