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hi guys...

Any idea about where I can find the tv tuner unit in a SL350 year 2004?

Thanks a lot
Sorry, so you do already have the tuner in the car, you just don't know where it is? It should be at the rear, behind the rear luggage box. Not shown in this parts diagram but close to the control unit #45.

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?? I don't understand...
Where you reside can make a difference in the answer. Most U.S. specification cars do not have a TV tuner, and require modification to COMAND to install one. Euro specification cars can have the tuner added much more easily, and therefore the tuners are more prevalent in Europe.

It helps us to help you if you include the model year and type of your car, and at least what continent you reside on, under your avatar - then you won't have to remember to type that stuff in each time.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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