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I have an S Class 320 CDI MY 2000. It is fitted with Command 2.5 & has a TV tuner. I was looking at adding AV inputs through the Tuner, there are two additional AV connectors on the unit which take a 18 pin connection (not sure what the correct name for this type of connector is)

I have seen AV conversion cables available which convert to R/L/V RCA and was going to buy two of those, however I recently bought a CD changer from e-bay which came with an amp (or so the seller thought) which turned out to be a TV tuner.!
The problem is the tuner has no part number label on it, it is exactly the same casing etc as the existing one, the only difference is that this one has two sets of RCA inputs instead of the 18 pin connections on mine.


I took a brave pill and connected in up at the weekend and it works fine (including both AV inputs). The only issue was when some of the menu pages are selected. Station memory for example, the screen just rolls so you can't read it. If I hit the TV button and turn off the TV and then turn it back on it is fine.
I'm assuming that the tuner is a later version than my original one and that there are some differences that are causing the issue, is there a way to fix this or would I be better off buying the AV conversion cable and using my existing tuner.?
Either way I will have a TV tuner for sale.

Any help appreciated

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