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TV Tuner on COMAND

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Finally there is a solution for connecting a 3rd party TV tuner (ie. NTSC) to COMAND.<br> <br> Dietz Autotechnik have a connector cable that provides a video and audio input to a COMAND system without TV tuner. To that, you can then connect any video signal from a game console, portable DVD player or TV receiver.<br> <br> I know the solution to work for C-Class (W203) but I'm sure it also works for others.<br> <br> If anyone is intersted but has a language problem (as this is a German company), I'm willing to help.
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you're telling me I can turn my Nav system in my 2001 c-class as a TV, dvd player, etc? I didn't realize the screen had that capability. can you provide more details (i.e. how much did everything cost, who can install, etc.). Thanks.
Mercedes Benz Comand system operates an LCD monitor.As an option with your MB dealer you can uprgrade the NAV sytem to recieve and display TV images through a TV card. With regards to the DVD player the screen obviously has the visual matrix as the system has a visual and audio out/in put control, the process to convert would be costly and would require a dvd player eg. pioneer p700 dvd with a control unit (brain).<br> <br> A local audio store such as bestbuy should be able to answer all your questions.<br> <br> Please note most systems will not play DVD / TV images when driving at more than 5 MPH so have the chip altered if required to allow a consistant viewing, whilst driving.<br> <br> Kind regards CDSlater.
There are two parts that are required to use the COMAND screen for TV, video, video games, dvds, etc.<br>
Part 1: The Mercedes bit: COMAND needs to be switched into TV mode. This is no problem with European models. The software is fully aware of the existence of a TV module and if there is one built in, you can switch to it. In some cases, when for whatever reason COMAND has been preconfigured as not having a TV module (an unnecessary preconfiguration, as it senses the connected modules), an MB-technician has to enable TV with Stardiagnose. I have heard (but it never has been confirmed) that US COMANDs have a different software loaded, where you can not switch into TV mode. If this was true, then you would either have to buy a European COMAND unit or load the European firmware (your MB dealer shoud be able to do that).<br>
Part 2: The TV module: There is an official TV module from MB in Europe. It only supports PAL TV systems (and not the US NTSC system). Apart from offering TV, it also offers two video connections where you can connect ANY video source as long as it is composite video. This could be from a video camera, a video game, a portable dvd player, a built in (car) dvd player or a laptop. As the video source is composite video, the quality is not as good as on a digital TV, but we are talking about a small 5' screen, so who cares. Now for the US market (or for whoever has a COMAND system without the TV module - as retrofitting it costs a fortune). There is a multimedia connection kit (I posted a picture in the audio forum) for 399 Euros that offers a composite video connection. To this you can again connect ANY video source such as a (NTSC) TV receiver, a dvd player, etc.<br>
As I never was interested in TV reception, but in dvds, I connected a small DVD/MP3 player to it. This gives me the ability to watch dvds or listen to music when I drive. By the way, any MB dealer with Stardiagnose CAN switch the 5 MPH limit off. Some of them will NOT WANT to do it, others will want you to sign a non liability document.<br>
Best regards,<br>
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