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Tuna Boat

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Well? Can I make it sporty or no hope ?? It's an '87,more pics to come after I get it cleaned up.

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Hope Springs Eternal...


Yeah, nutz, you can do whatever you want to it.

Just for grins why don’t you just clean it up and leave it alone for a while before you do whatever you’re going to do to it.

By ‘clean it up’ I mean take the crap off the wheel well arches, get rid of whatever the hell that is on the roof, nice detailing, Euro lights with Euro wipers – or just as good remove the wipers altogether – paint the grill screen black, and add some nice 16 inch rims.

Then have a cooling off period.

126s aren’t like the 116s and 123s you’ve ‘fixed’ before, 126s don't need heavy mods to look good or more modern. (They’re already modern.)

It’s just a suggestion.

Welcome. :)
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