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Trying to decide whether or not to lower

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Here is a picture of my CLK 320 that I need some opinions on whether or not to lower it.
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Deltasonik said:
If you are going to lower it you should do it the correct way meaning shocks/springs/camber bolts.. From what I understand if you lower the car and you don't change the camber bolts or install a camber kit then you will wear out your tires very fast and that will cost you in the long run....From all of the posts that I have read and the research that I have done, I would say a good way to lower the CLK (208) go would be:
-HR Sport springs
-Bilstein Sport Shocks or Koni adjustables
-Camber kit (there are several different kits available)

Or you could go with a cup kit from HR..

Anyone else care to comment on the Camber kit and tire life? Also allignment after installing just shocks and springs no camber kit.

..Hope this helps your decision.
anyone recommend a particular camber kit? and how much do they run?
jasonowens32 said:
You will defiently need a camber kit if you lower it unless you own a tire factory. The guy I bought the car from said you couldnt find a camber kit for the year 2000. I doubt that seriously but I might be wrong. I need to do some researching.
even if its only about a 1.2-1.5 inch drop?

how much do they cost to buy and for installation? and anyone recommend a particular one for a 99 430?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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