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Trying For Power Gains

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I'm quite the newb when it comes to cars but I'm trying to pickup quick. I was hoping yu guys could drop me some advice..

One of the first upgrades I want to do to my 89' 190e 2.6 is to swap to a manual transmission, basically I was wondering what my options are. I've read about the stock 2.6 manual tranny but are there any other options out there?? Any high performance racing tranny or anything like that?

Is the 2.6 worth boosting with turbo or not? My friend keeps telling me to do it but from what I've been reading people say engine swap to 3.0L+ then turbo.. why doesn't anyone turbo a 2.6? Whats the big difference in between the 3.0 and the 2.6?

Is megasquirt the only/best option for EFI? What kind of stock injection system does my car normally run on?

What is the best route to upgrading my car?

Should I look for a manual 300e and then swap the engine/tranny?

Should I throw a turbo on my 2.6?

So lost... HELP!! :surrender:
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His car is not carbed. Only the 1.8's and MAYBE 2.0 where carbed, not to sure on the 2.0

The 2.6 has a CIS Injection system though, which can handle a turbo but very little boost. I think around 5-6 PSI max, which is really nothing, so you should upgrade to EFI if you want to go the turbo route.
The only carbed 190E was the first gen 2.0 it was later replaced with the 2.0 CIS, the 2.3 and 2.6 were CIS and the 1.8 (Which was the last development in the W201 series) was also CIS

Only the pre '88 2.0's were carburated.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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