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Sold my 2005 SL55, 2000 CL500
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Had my B Service done at my Indy this week. Replaced my IC Pump too. The Johnson had a little drip going after a couple years service. The Owner suggested I use the Total Quartz Racing 10W50. This used to be called ELF Excellium and is on the 229.51 list as approved by Benz. ELF became Total Oil. 4th largest oil company in the world.

Right away I can tell this oil needs a little more time to warm up in the morning. Even though its not too cold here in the OC. Engine seems a little more quiet at idle once its warmed up. Looks like its an excellent High Temp oil. Not too expensive. I see it online for about $ 8.00 a liter.

I guess its the oil the "M" guys use. Anybody here have any experience with this brand ?
I know everbody swears by Mobil 1. But the marketing hype seems a little over done for my taste. Now that my engine has 70K miles the higher viscosity should be no problem.

Any inputs.
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