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A few weeks ago I noticed some water in the trunk (A few drops on the plastic, high on the right side). It wasn't a lot, and at first I couldn't be sure if it dripped in when I opened the trunk or if it had really leaked in. As soon as I got home I checked the drains and unfortunately they were clear.

Next, I placed a car towel up in the suspect corner to hopefully intersect any intruding water. After a few rains I could confirm that my towel was indeed absorbing water and there is a leak problem.

Suspecting the trunk weatherstripping I attempted to apply some silicone in hopes that it would take care of it. Well to shorten the story, it didn't fix it(although I do believe that it isn't as bad).

I've attached some photos of the weatherstripping on the right side; including views from the outside of the car with trunk open, from inside the trunk looking up at the weatherstripping, one way up in the right corner where you can actually see a water drop, and one from the bottom side of the rear pillar where one of the seals wraps around.

Do you guys think that replacing these seals is a DIY, or would it be best to bite the bullet and have MB do it? I know there is a post where someone has listed part numbers for both of the weatherstrips, but I've spent two hours trying to find it again and I can't find it. I know dealerships vary, but I would be interested in hearing what the labor charge was from anyone who has had them replaced.

Checking the PSE is going to be next. So far I have no PSE related symptoms so wish me luck.


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