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Trunk seal DIY - quick (obvious?) question

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OK, I searched the forum and found a bunch of trunk seal/water in trunk threads, but nothing on this particular issue. Maybe it should be self-explanatory but I'm struggling a little:

So I finally got around to addressing my trunk leak and bought an OEM trunk seal. I took it out of the package...problem is that since it was folded up in there, there are several bends and I have a hard time figuring out what the appropriate aligment should be. It does not have any markings, just the two points where it was glued during assembly and a handwritten number inside.

I laid it down and let it settle for a while, then thought I could make out an approximate trapezoid shape and put it in (trial run without glue). I loosely aligned the handwritten number with my trunk lock and the inside line is on a line with the flange of the gutter.

While tucking in the seal (didn't pull on any part, just stuffed it down) I noticed that this was really tight in some spots, mostly on the left (to the point where I felt like I was overstuffing it) and rather loose in others, mostly on the right (rising out on it's own despite no tension across). I took it out and rotated it some, but no big change. When I drop the trunk lid, it does not fall shut but trampolines and when I force it, the left corner of the lid sits a little proud.

The obvious question before I glue it in in this configuration:
Will this settle, or did I put the seal in wrong? If the latter, how do I figure out the correct alignment/rotation?
I'm stumped.
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I just looked at my trunk seal which is original and iappears to only have one splice wich is just about eight inches from the antenna mast toward the rear of the car. From what I can see the two sides and the top are sort of curved and the bottom (lock area) is sort of flat sticking straight out. Hope this helps.
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