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Trunk seal DIY - quick (obvious?) question

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OK, I searched the forum and found a bunch of trunk seal/water in trunk threads, but nothing on this particular issue. Maybe it should be self-explanatory but I'm struggling a little:

So I finally got around to addressing my trunk leak and bought an OEM trunk seal. I took it out of the package...problem is that since it was folded up in there, there are several bends and I have a hard time figuring out what the appropriate aligment should be. It does not have any markings, just the two points where it was glued during assembly and a handwritten number inside.

I laid it down and let it settle for a while, then thought I could make out an approximate trapezoid shape and put it in (trial run without glue). I loosely aligned the handwritten number with my trunk lock and the inside line is on a line with the flange of the gutter.

While tucking in the seal (didn't pull on any part, just stuffed it down) I noticed that this was really tight in some spots, mostly on the left (to the point where I felt like I was overstuffing it) and rather loose in others, mostly on the right (rising out on it's own despite no tension across). I took it out and rotated it some, but no big change. When I drop the trunk lid, it does not fall shut but trampolines and when I force it, the left corner of the lid sits a little proud.

The obvious question before I glue it in in this configuration:
Will this settle, or did I put the seal in wrong? If the latter, how do I figure out the correct alignment/rotation?
I'm stumped.
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I think there is a part number behind. I used the part number as a reference so when your remove the old one mark out the location of the part number. That's one easy way to do it.
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