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Hello - I have a early 2000's CLK430, have lovingly owned it for about four years (and plan on keeping it for a while longer). Last week I noticed the (US) drivers side of the boot "lip" where it marries up near the back window seemed to have sunk down. As if someone had sat on it and pushed the boot surface downward - the panel gaps are all wrong.

Anyhow, as far as I know the car has never been in a big hit - so today I removed the interior trunk trim to take a look and thought I'd warn you guys in case the same thing happens to you.

Years of contant remote boot opening (in my case prolly up to 8 times a day) has caused the spot welds where the trunk bracket is joined to the parcel shelf to fail!

A couple of more big swings and I reckon the whole thing was going to fail.......not happy. So until I can fix it, I'll be not operating the (somwhat violent on hinges) remote boot function.

The whole area looks pretty mashed up - I am thinking of drilling out some holes and maybe using large rivets to secure it back on........advice / sympathy appreciated.

Cheers, Vic
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