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Trunk lid unlock but not raise

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Dear all,

Just got my 01 C32 AMG Honkkong(RHS) with 80000km on clock.

I found that my trunk lid can just be unlock and jump up a little bit, but it cannot be self raised.

Should it be fuse or motor problem ? What should be check or how to replace them?

And I also miss the spare wheels inside the trunk, anyone have the pics of the spare wheel can show up here? I m worry if I just get a wrong one, it can't be fit to the front 4pot AMG Brake caliper.

Many thanks!


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OIC, let me try ! Thanks for your info.......

There is no motor to raise the trunk lid; just springs. You can adjust them if they are not opening the lid. Pull the trunk liner away from the opening on either side and you will see the springs and the adjustment points.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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