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Trunk lid spoiler issues

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A lot of us who've added trunk lid spoilers to our cars have run into the issue that, with the added weight, the trunk lid does not stay open anymore and we have to either accept crushed fingers, bumps on the back of our heads or (very embarrassing..) resorting to a stick to hold the trunk lid open. :(

Mine was better than most and on flat surfaces, it would stay open.

Why leave good enough alone? Adding sound dampening ensured that my trunk lid will work almost as good as a guillotine. :eek:

OK, all the coupe trunk lids are made of aluminium, but several versions of the sedan have steel lids which require stronger springs.

Easy, just swap the trunk lid irons and problem solved....:)

I mean, how hard can this be? :rolleyes:

Markus happened to have a sedan wreck with a steel trunk lid and after some embarrassing oversight was overcome, I had a set for steel trunk lids.

As you can see from these pictues, the springs for the steel trunk lid are much beefier than the ones from my coupe. We're on the right track. :)

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What you could do is tie 2 or 3 wires around each spring before you cut them out, leaving them compressed for installation onto your car.

Oh, wait...
Ok, go ahead and run some wires around a spring so that they are ready to be tied, hanging down from one end of the spring by a few inches.

insert the spring into a pipe that is just large enough for the spring to slide into

find a plunger to press the spring down

you could compress the spring on the kitchen table, letting the wires hang between the leaves. this looks to be a two person job. tie the wires in the compressed position
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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