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trunk lid handle slowly come out, what is wrong?

I have 99 S600. it has a problem, when trunk close, the trunk lid handle will slowly come out(I really mean slowly, the whole process could take about 2 minutes and you can see it moving out little by little). at the end, it will completely come out.

what could be the problem, is it the central locking pump or vacumn leak?
or the trunk lid assembly is not good?

and also the trunk will pop out a bit from a completely lock position initially.

the door close assist work fine.

the door remote locking seem works fine for most of the time except once in while, when the car parking out side and get heat up( not always), power lock stop working, I have manually lock all door, but leave the car for several hour and everything back to normal.

but the trunk lid problem always there. this car has very low milage, it is 99 S600 with 34K mile

another question, anyone know if this model share the same PSE with other W140?

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