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Trunk (boot) struts - Part No & Where to buy

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Hi all

I think the struts for the trunk (boot in the UK) of my SL500 have failed because when i press the key and open the lid it pops but doesnt lift barely 1/2 inch. When i lift it manually its very heavy and if i let go before pushing it up and almost past its max position it just falls back down. It is weighted ever so slightly but i want to replace the 2 struts to give it some spring.

Can someone tell me the MB part numbers i need and where i can get them for discount prices please ?.

I live in the UK so the supplier needs to be in Europe or ship to me. I found one place in the US that is selling them for $33 each but they wont ship to the UK :(

Thanks in advance

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You only normally need to replace one of them, easily tested by pushing against a wall
When I bought my car the boot lid was stiff and heavy, so I sprayed all of the moving joints with PTFE,, it then went very easy but would not stay up on its own, one new strut fixed that.

These boots do not open very far when the release button or locking is used,, thats normal
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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