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Trunk (boot) struts - Part No & Where to buy

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Hi all

I think the struts for the trunk (boot in the UK) of my SL500 have failed because when i press the key and open the lid it pops but doesnt lift barely 1/2 inch. When i lift it manually its very heavy and if i let go before pushing it up and almost past its max position it just falls back down. It is weighted ever so slightly but i want to replace the 2 struts to give it some spring.

Can someone tell me the MB part numbers i need and where i can get them for discount prices please ?.

I live in the UK so the supplier needs to be in Europe or ship to me. I found one place in the US that is selling them for $33 each but they wont ship to the UK :(

Thanks in advance

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Buying in the US and shipping to the UK actually makes them more expensive than buying from a MB dealer over here :(
Hi Keith

I bought 2 replacements from SGS and after they initially sent the wrong size despite assuring me they knew exactly what i needed i got a correct size set. I fitted them yesterday and am very dissapointed. I expected that when the lid was opened it would lift on its own and would need hand pressure to close but mine is still very heavy and closes very quickly without any help from me.

Does yours spring open and require pressure to close it ?.

I just cant help thinking that even though the items are the right length and gassed to 650N that they arent the right ones.

Do you know what pressure yours were gassed to ?.

I still have the genuine ones and may consider sending these SGS ones back, £45 later theres barely any difference.


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Hi television

I replaced both (didnt know id only need one) and am most unhappy with how the boot lid still feels very heavy, is this usual ?.

There is some improvement and the lid does hold its own weight now when only 2/3 opened whereas it used to fall down but its still quite heavy to open and if i let go at half open it will close rather quickly without any help from me. It doesnt slam but does come down fast and then auto closes without me even touching it.

Is that how yours works ?.

I thought id read on here that when the boot opening button on the remote is used to open it the lid actually springs open ?. My BMW 6 series did that and was so much nicer, granted the engineering is quite different in the 2 lids but the principal behind the opening is still the same.

Let me know how yours works

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