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Trunk (boot) struts - Part No & Where to buy

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Hi all

I think the struts for the trunk (boot in the UK) of my SL500 have failed because when i press the key and open the lid it pops but doesnt lift barely 1/2 inch. When i lift it manually its very heavy and if i let go before pushing it up and almost past its max position it just falls back down. It is weighted ever so slightly but i want to replace the 2 struts to give it some spring.

Can someone tell me the MB part numbers i need and where i can get them for discount prices please ?.

I live in the UK so the supplier needs to be in Europe or ship to me. I found one place in the US that is selling them for $33 each but they wont ship to the UK :(

Thanks in advance

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The part number is 230 750 00 36.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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