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True power of your Mercs

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Hi from really waiting for snow to fade away ;-)

Has anyone measured the true power of your ride !
Is it certain that ALL W140 has lost their max. BHP:s

Mine 500SE -91 W140
326 hp ---> Tested 289 hp
60000 Km. in clock
only 2 weeks more, and my rotrex supercharger installation is DONE ! --> You may quess the future HP:s ?

Other 500SL -91
326 ----> 299 hp.
32000 Km. in clock

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No RW-power ...calculated engine power

That is the TRUE engine power !

the power loss is not caused by propshaft, or measuring it on only RearWheels !

That is calculated horsepower, althought there is slight difference in those "DYNO" machines...

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