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Troubleshooting Power Front Seat 2000 ML320

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The drivers power seat stopped working working on my 2000 ML320. The passengers seat and memory controls work fine. Does anyone have a troubleshooting flow chart? I quickly checked the wires under the seat and they appear to be in order. Also, I searched "front seat" and "power seats" and only found 5 posts, but they were unrelated. Is there a better search term or keyword? Thanks!
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If you have no movement in any of the positions, then you must first check fuse #10 in the right side kick panel fuse box. Pulling it out and looking at it is worthless, With the key in pos. #2, test both contacts with a test light or DVOM for 12v

If the fuse is good, the next thing to consider is the seat adjustment switch on the side of the seat. If the seat trim has already been broken, the connector from the switch to the control module might have become undone.

Remove the trim panel and check.


1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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