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Troubleshooting Power Front Seat 2000 ML320

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The drivers power seat stopped working working on my 2000 ML320. The passengers seat and memory controls work fine. Does anyone have a troubleshooting flow chart? I quickly checked the wires under the seat and they appear to be in order. Also, I searched "front seat" and "power seats" and only found 5 posts, but they were unrelated. Is there a better search term or keyword? Thanks!
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Found broken connection under the seat. Looks like someone's foot may have stepped on the wire, breaking the "clip" on the connector that keeps it snapped into the control box mounted up under the bottom of the seat. It plugs back in, bur come out easily now. Hopefully I can just replace the connector end. Thanks again for the awesome advice.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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