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Trouble with reverse

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I haven't had any transmission issues until now, and it was recently serviced by a dealer. When cold, my 93 500 SEL slips into reverse fairly easy. Once it warms up, for the past few days, it's having trouble. I know the dealer will want to put in another tranny, but this one works smoothly otherwise. Anybody have any ideas about what's causing the problem? A band? Electronic control unit somewhere?
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news to you, but my '92 300SE was/is doing the exact same thing. Revereve will eventually go out, and sooner than you think, but the forward gears will work great. I have had a bunch of knowledgeable folks look at it and the concensus is that something called a 'squash plate' is almost gone. When it fully disappears you will no longer have reverse. This happen to me in a matter of days. The best I can find is about $1750US to have fixed.

Good luck and let us know what happens in your case.

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