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ML 55 AMG 2002 w163.174, E320 CDI SW evo W211.222
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i'm really in trouble with trip computer ...
it resets each time i start engine. Also just after engine star front windows don't works and side mirror didn't fold back in traveling position.
I suspected battery and being almost 7 years old i replaced it with a new one original 100 ah mercedes (140 EURO!!)
but result is null!
still trip computer resets ... only windows and mirror now come back t oworks fine in few seconds.... instead of minutes.
i serced a lot into forums but didn't find out the explanation.
i Also read somthing on mercedes WIS but seems that problem is that battery tension fall down for a while when engne stars and this rests computer... because all the rest is working fine
Any of you have had similar expirience and know the reason of that?
Many thanks p
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