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Trickle Charge

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Here in Canada we got a 'free' inspection of our aging MLs by the stealership and I was told that my battery was getting weak after 7 years of ownership, everything else checked out fine even though they refused to tell me why my truck was vibrating at idle. I have been relatively happy all through these 7 years and am more than willing to spring for a new battery, but while i was shopping at the local hardware store (Canadian Tire), I chanced upon a solar powered battery charger. It looks kinda small but it might work and plus it was on sale at $9.99 from $39.99.

My question is - which socket should I plug it into? the one near the ashtray or the one at the passenger side? I know one stays on all the time whereas the other is on only when the car is on.

Any suggestions, ideas from the technical gurus here?

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Qzyn said:

From my professional experience with batteries (NiCd and Pb) and I use o lot of various electronic devices I can tell you one thing about trickle charge:


There is only one purpose of trickle charge - keeping the device ready for immediate use, usually in emergency ( like radiocommunication for example)

Save your dollars!!!
thanks for the advice! so should i plug it into the always on socket or the other one?

Thanks for the input, guys! I will go ahead and trickle charge the battery but of course I will make sure that I dont do it for too long.

Apologise if this is a silly question - I have no electrical experience nor knowledge!

How long should i charge it for if the solar trickle charger is 1.8W 125ma Max?

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