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2000 c230 Kompressor (Totalled 5/2012)
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Hi everyone,
BY the way, I'm asking in this particular forum because some of our models were made with water based paint, so I don't know how certain treatments will react to certain methods.

I've had spun up tar streaks on my car from a while, but I keep putting those off till the next wash. (I've heard a baking soda solution is good?)

Here's my big issue: Last night, I parked under a tree and when I came back, my car had at least 20 -30 splotches of tree sap. It was sticky last night, but today, it felt just hardened.

How can I get this stuff off? (tree sap) I'm reading everything from alcohol to acetone, all of which seem like they'd hurt by friend. If any of you have any tips for this, I was gonna work on getting this sap off and then getting a nice wash. I was planning to use my meguires wax when I got home.
Or is it better to just do it myself right after the wash. If they won't let me do it there, I could pull onto a side-street.

Thanks again, friends!
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