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Today while driving I came to a red light and once the light turned green and I started to drive again the transmission got locked in the first gear and didn't shift anymore. At the same time "check engine" light came on.
Somehow with a speed of just 20 miles an hour I made it back home. The dealer will send a tow track to take the car and bring it to their shop. I just wonder if anyone on this forum had the same experience and if yes what is the problem. I appreciate any input in this regard.
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We will make you an honorary member of the R171 forum rod, more of a laugh on there, we are still hoping you come to your senses and sell at least one of your CLKs and buy the SLK.

Hi Rod, my 350 has only 1200 miles on it just can not get the time to drive it the roads are awful anyway. Coming over to Florida in late Aug/sep might see you then.
The SL500 is beautiful class on wheels go for it.

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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