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Today while driving I came to a red light and once the light turned green and I started to drive again the transmission got locked in the first gear and didn't shift anymore. At the same time "check engine" light came on.
Somehow with a speed of just 20 miles an hour I made it back home. The dealer will send a tow track to take the car and bring it to their shop. I just wonder if anyone on this forum had the same experience and if yes what is the problem. I appreciate any input in this regard.
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Celm.......your sarcasm was funny. Perhaps the reason you didn't get any response is no one else has experienced the same problem?

Before settling on my CLK 500 Cabriolet, I had ordered the '05 SLK. That's a very dynamic forum, but I suspect it is, because the car is so new and people were just really excited about the new design. And initially, MB kept news about the car under wraps, so for most people, the forum was the only way to get a shred of information.

I agree the CLK forum is pretty boring and I now only occassionally check to see if there is any new, noteworthy posts. Perhaps, everyone is so happy with their trouble free cars, there isn't much to say. [8D]

Take care........Rod
Hey Gary......Sorry for the late response. I haven't spent much time on the forums lately, as I've been working extreme hours lately. I may come to senses someday, but it may be in the opposite direction. There is this voice in my head these days, and it keeps pushing me toward an SL 500 (SL 55, if I win the Lottery - LOL)!!

We're still doing well with both CLK Cab's. After 9 months, my car has a whopping 3,800 miles on the odometer. Someone will get a terrific car when (not if) I trade it in. I don't even have any stone chips yet.

Hope you are doing well........Take care.....Rod let me know when you are headed our way. August, is the height or hurricane season, but barring any storms, is my favorite time of year. Spectacular sunsets after our daily thunderstorm.

Would love to get together when you're here.

Your friend.......Rod
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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