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when in D, the gear shifts all the way to 4th gear.
when im in 3, the gear shifts up to 3. thats regular operation. however, when im in 2nd, it stays in 1st. i drive 10mph at 2500RPM (around there). NEone with the same problem. when the tranny shift, it can be felt...meaning its not smooth all the time. can a tranny oil change make it better. thanks
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First: a trans oil and filter change is a good thing every 30,000 miles. Make sure you drain the torque converter too. Second: a Mercedes trans does not shift like a Lincoln or Cadilac where they shift smooth and glide from one gear to another. My Mercedes 93 190e will sometimes "bang" into the next gear under normal acceleration. When I say "bang" lets just say its a very positive shift. Its not always but its a trait of the car.Third: as far about playing with the shifter... don't. If the car drives fine in D and 3, then leave it alone. The only time I use 3 is accelerating by shifting from d to 3 so I dont have to use passing gear by mashing the gas pedal to the floor. I also leave it in 3 if I'm on a back road where I don't go much over 45 mph.
the users manual for the 1993 allows shifting as long as the cars speed is in the range for the gear. for example d to 3. is this permissable for only 1993's or for all 190e's
if you put it in "2" when you start out it will stay in first until you hit the red line or shift to "3"
mysticblu999 - 2/24/2005 9:16 PM

if you put it in "2" when you start out it will stay in first until you hit the red line or shift to "3"

At a stop, try putting it in 2 for a short time, then back to 3. When you take off, wait for the first shift, then put it back to 2. It'll hold 2nd gear.
is it ok to downshift on an auto while in motion. the manual for the 1993 allows it as long as the cars speed is in the range of the gear to downshift to. is this for 93's or all from 84-93
I downshift my 93 when I want to accelerate. From D to 3. This works good merging into traffic. I don't downshift to slow down. For that I just use the brakes.
I tried not to downshift my auto using the lever, unless I really needed the passing power. Otherwise, I just kept it in 3 until I knew I could go into "cruise" mode.

If you do use the lever to downshift, remember to give the car a little gas; try to get the engine revs up using the throttle as opposed to the transmission.
can only benzes do this. i dont think you can shift up and down on a camry like this.
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