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Hi All
I'm a the forum, (obviously we MB owners are all men/women of the world) but I have a problem! I have a transmission whine:crybaby2:
I'm re-building a 300SL and I've just put the engine and gearbox back in the car. I've checked the tranny oil and that seem OK. No leaks at all but there is a whine which sounds like a bearing going.
Whilst it was all out of the car I replaced as many seals as I could in the gearbox without digging too deep (getting elbow deep in an auto box is beyond me) but everything went OK.
I have driven the car and it only changes from 1-2 at about 4000 RPM and thats as far as it gets, it won't change up again (shifts down OK though) and the 2, 3 selector does not do anything. Reverse is also OK.

Before I panic and pull the transmission, could this whine be down to vacuum? I think the gear change issue will be.
I've been reeding some other posts on setting the bowden cable and the vac pressure, but there has never been mention of this whine I have.

Any assistance would be gratefully recieved guys.:bowdown:

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How do you know the whine is from the transmission. Possibly drive shaft center bearing???. About the shifting. You adjusted the cable, checked the shift linkage bushings, made sure you had vacuum down at the transmission and vacuum checked the modulator. Whine may be its just revving too high.
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