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I need all the manual transmission parts for a 1982 300D.

Can anyone please share any specific places(mercedes suppliers, junkyards, etc.) that I can get most or all of the parts?
(I would love to find a one-stop shop, but that probably is impossible.)

Here is a quick list of the parts I need...
Clutch Pedal Assembly
Clutch Master Cylinder & Push Rod
Clutch Slave Cylinder & Push Rod
Drive Shaft Front Section
Clutch Fluid Reservoir
Hydraulic Lines between Clutch master and Slave
Clutch Throw out bearing
Pressure Plate
5 Speed Transmission

1981 W123 300D non turbo, 1992 190E 1.8 <=> 2.0
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One stop shop - nice one! You might actually be able to get all of that at the dealer actually though I wouldn't like to see the asking price.

Ah scrub that I bet the 5 speed gearbox isn't available any more - and they probably don't have the manual transmission flywheel you need...

To get those parts at a reasonable price you'll be better off finding the larger expensive parts secondhand.

Try panZZer over on peach parts - he had a manual flywheel for sale recently I think; and dieslkraut 22 or 23 (depends on the forum!) either here or on peachparts might be able to help.
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