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Transmission trouble

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Hi Everyone

I have a 2000 CL600 with 265 000Kms. The car is as new, and very well maintained.

Recently, I have run into problems with the transmission. The car will not shift out of second gear into third. I can feel it shift from first to second.

I have scanned it and have the following printout:

110 - The speed comparison of Y3/6n2 to Y3/6n3 is sporadically implausable. (Resistance too low)

116 - Component Y3/6s1 (Starter lockout contact) or component Y3/6b1 (Transmission oil temperature sensor) is sporadically faulty or both. (Resistance too low)

146 - The transmission has sporadically an impermissable transmission ratio. (Resistance too high)

147 - The gear is sporadically implausable or the transmission slips sporadically. (Resistance too high)

151 - the gear comparison is sporadically negative or the target gear has sporadically not been achived. (Resistance too high)

I have access to a workshop, so I would like to tackle this on on my own, and provide pics of the procedure. Any asistance with this matter is most welcome.

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Excellent work gentlemen! And my congratulations to the OP
for achieving 265,000Km on his CL!
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