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Transmission trouble

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Hi Everyone

I have a 2000 CL600 with 265 000Kms. The car is as new, and very well maintained.

Recently, I have run into problems with the transmission. The car will not shift out of second gear into third. I can feel it shift from first to second.

I have scanned it and have the following printout:

110 - The speed comparison of Y3/6n2 to Y3/6n3 is sporadically implausable. (Resistance too low)

116 - Component Y3/6s1 (Starter lockout contact) or component Y3/6b1 (Transmission oil temperature sensor) is sporadically faulty or both. (Resistance too low)

146 - The transmission has sporadically an impermissable transmission ratio. (Resistance too high)

147 - The gear is sporadically implausable or the transmission slips sporadically. (Resistance too high)

151 - the gear comparison is sporadically negative or the target gear has sporadically not been achived. (Resistance too high)

I have access to a workshop, so I would like to tackle this on on my own, and provide pics of the procedure. Any asistance with this matter is most welcome.

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Hello i am having the same issue i have a cl 500 2002 91k, it is stuck in limp mode.

the battery was weak and cause it to go into limp mode temporarly but as the battery got worst and didnt work i jumped my car and now it stuck permanently in limp mode so i put in a new battery but it is still in limp mode.

how much did it cost to fix the connector plate ?

thank you for your help and time.
thank you so much for the info.

i wil take my car to my mechanic today, do you have any recommendations on that issue ?

was your car out of limp after you changed the plate?

thanks a million for you time and help.
do you think if i only remove the codes the car would get out of limp? or its after all the work that the car is back normal?.

thank you very much i appreciate your help a lot and sorry for asking a lot of questions but i am very new to this type of problem.

thank you so much!
You were completely right J thank you very much for your help and guidance.
erasing faulty codes by das and mb specialist did it.
The dead battery caused all kinds of crazy signals that caused the computer to throw it into limp mode.

the mb tech told me that he had to reprogram everything, that the transmission didn't know where or when to shift and erase all codes.

For now i drove the car for about 15 miles and everything seams to be working perfect even better than before because the new battery, this cars really need the battery to be tip top.

thank you so much for your help and time once again, ill keep you updated if the problem comes back or any changes after das erasing the codes.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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