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Transmission trouble

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Hi Everyone

I have a 2000 CL600 with 265 000Kms. The car is as new, and very well maintained.

Recently, I have run into problems with the transmission. The car will not shift out of second gear into third. I can feel it shift from first to second.

I have scanned it and have the following printout:

110 - The speed comparison of Y3/6n2 to Y3/6n3 is sporadically implausable. (Resistance too low)

116 - Component Y3/6s1 (Starter lockout contact) or component Y3/6b1 (Transmission oil temperature sensor) is sporadically faulty or both. (Resistance too low)

146 - The transmission has sporadically an impermissable transmission ratio. (Resistance too high)

147 - The gear is sporadically implausable or the transmission slips sporadically. (Resistance too high)

151 - the gear comparison is sporadically negative or the target gear has sporadically not been achived. (Resistance too high)

I have access to a workshop, so I would like to tackle this on on my own, and provide pics of the procedure. Any asistance with this matter is most welcome.

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You're in limp mode.

A good place to start is by reading the excellent 722.6xx FAQ thread that you can find in the W210 forum stickies. (It's the same transmission.)

You can check your TCM for signs of fluid incursion; if it's wet, then the pilot bushing (adapter/connector) has leaked. The fix is to replace the bushing and remove and clean the TCM and its corresponding socket, then reassemble, set the fluid level, and clear the codes.

That should be checked in any event.

However, with the codes you're getting, it sounds as though your conductor plate needs to be replaced. That will require a fluid change (a good idea anyway) and dropping the valve body. Pull the pilot bushing before dropping the valve body.

That's all covered in the FAQ thread (and the links in it).

Have a read through that information, if you have further questions, post back.

Good luck.
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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