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I have a 95 S500 with 722.370 transmission (W4A040). Here is the relevant symptom information; When I start up the car and take off before it gets to full temperature the rpms climb up to 3000-4000 before it shifts into 3rd and 4th gear. I had been driving it for about 45 minutes and was climbing a hill when I noticed there was a vibration and the car was losing power. After a bit the vibration went away and power returned. Another 5 minutes later and the vibration started again with loss of power. This continued to repeat until I reached the top of the hill. When I got to the bottom and level ground the vibration returned but wasn't as pronounced. Here is some info on what's been done before these symptoms appeared;

I replaced the transmission filter and fluid. I noticed there were two different styles of filters available for the transmission, one has a slider valve and one doesn't. I opted for the slider valve filter. The parts store didn't have any information on the differences between the two filters, ie why a slider valve and what it does. I'm thinking that perhaps I should have went with the filter without the slider valve. How do I find out which is the correct one?

The check engine light has not come on.

Since I frequently drive over the same hill, I have my reservations about driving over it now. I'm hoping to resolve this issue before it becomes a major repair (if it hasn't already). If anybody has any insight as to what's happening, or if anybody has any possible leads as to how to find out what's wrong I would sure appreciate it. In the meantime the car sits. I have other vehicles to drive in the meantime.
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