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transmission shaft spindles

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ok is there any difference in the center spindles of a 2.3 5spd transmission and a Getrag Transmission?

reason for the question is when my getrag blew up, i attempted to get the car running by installing a 2.3 5-spd. suffice to say that didn't pan out too well, but got another getrag. went to remove the 2.3 5spd and it moved back about a inch and seems like it's stuck. the spindle is still "engaged" but it won't come free.
any thoughts? ideas?
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Can you loosen up the bolts holding the clutch & pressure plate to the flywheel? If so then you should be able to get the whole thing off and deal with it on the bench.

Good Luck

been soaking the spindle splines in areo kroil, will see what tomorrow holds...
I doubt it is a matter of oil, sounds more like an alignment problem, I am probably telling you stuff you've already tried but I would make double sure you haven't gotten the spindle pinched in the splines.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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