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transmission shaft spindles

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ok is there any difference in the center spindles of a 2.3 5spd transmission and a Getrag Transmission?

reason for the question is when my getrag blew up, i attempted to get the car running by installing a 2.3 5-spd. suffice to say that didn't pan out too well, but got another getrag. went to remove the 2.3 5spd and it moved back about a inch and seems like it's stuck. the spindle is still "engaged" but it won't come free.
any thoughts? ideas?
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i blame it all on Das Bitch...
Can you loosen up the bolts holding the clutch & pressure plate to the flywheel? If so then you should be able to get the whole thing off and deal with it on the bench.

don't need any luck, need more bravery gravy as the blokes in the UK call it. i know i CAN disconnect the pressure plate and fly wheel, but i'd rater not if i can help it. been soaking the spindle splines in areo kroil, will see what tomorrow holds...
well last night i soaked the crap out of the rust with some aero kroil, went back today and aside from being greasy and gunky it was still the same, from looking at the exploded part sheet, it seems to be stuck on the clutch disc, the release bearing is good and free moving, but it's still stuck inside... :banghead: :banghead:


looks like i'm going to have to do this the hard way...
i did it the hard way, went through the access hole i cut into it, unbolted the pressure plate, dropped the whole damn thing out.

the pilot bearing that goes on the tip of the spindle was the culprit and i lost the clutch disc in the later...i need a drink

finally out..after over 10 hours and 8 people trying to get it out

giving it some heat to loosen up

time to just cut the bitch off

one heck of a break

the least whats left of it
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bob from kop?
pm me his #, can't find his craigslist post
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