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transmission shaft spindles

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ok is there any difference in the center spindles of a 2.3 5spd transmission and a Getrag Transmission?

reason for the question is when my getrag blew up, i attempted to get the car running by installing a 2.3 5-spd. suffice to say that didn't pan out too well, but got another getrag. went to remove the 2.3 5spd and it moved back about a inch and seems like it's stuck. the spindle is still "engaged" but it won't come free.
any thoughts? ideas?
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that thing is stuck in there good.....
theres a crap ton of rust the spindle wasnt properly prepped.
new pilot bearing and i think bob from kop has a new mb pressure plate/clutch
the guy u got the getrag from..
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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