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Transmission question

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Hey guys, I'm about to buy a 190e (thursday).

Picking it up for $650 it has 405,000kms (that's 243,000 miles aprox)

looking at it for parts. It's a 1985 190e 2.3L light blue exterior with blue leather.

the best part is it's manual.

I'm looking at most likely parting it out, but I might fix it up. Not sure yet

Anyways my question for you guys is if I buy a late model 1990- 1993 190e 2.3L or 2.6L can I swap the manual tranny into it. As you guys know there are a ton of Automatic 190e's out there.

Any one know how much it costs to rebuild these transmissions?

and many thanks in Advance.
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Hmm ok thanks a lot guys

nothing is wrong I just prefer Manual over automatic.

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