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Transmission problems with our new GL320

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I posted this on the MBworld forum also:

I picked up our week old GL320 yesterday from the dealer after dropping it off for service and the tranny still downshifts too early. The 3-2, and 2-1 downshifts occur too early and induce engine breaking.

According to the work order the code they used to try to resolve the problem was:


I also had a major transmission clunk yesterday just after picking it up from the dealer while driving in stop and go traffic at about 25 mph. As I recall, it happened as I gently rolled on the throttle after coasting for a bit.

I am so impressed with this vehicle, yet this is putting a damper on it. The downshifts are totally unnacceptable. It's not something minor that I can ignore. At this point I'm not sure what to do except tell the dealer about it and hope they have another update for the electronics to try.
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Steve Birge said:
This is my first post. I have been reading about the problem of the cooler hose which I seem to have. I own a GL320 CDI that has 2400 miles on it. I bought it a month a go. I loved it from day one but yesterday on my way home from work it started to buck as I excelerated around 15 to 20 mph. At first I thought I had bad fuel or was running out of fuel.I was able to fill the tank but still had the problem of bucking and made it home in limp mode. I called roadside assistance this morning and my car was towed to the nearest dealer which wasn't the dealer that I bought the car from. I hope they are aware of this malfunction and fix it. All your posts and experiences have been very enlightening. I'll keep you posted on my problem.
When you pick it up, make sure you find out exactly what they did. Intercooler hose/clamp replacement or repair should be mentioned - be suspect if it is not. BTW, what was your build date? I am continually amazed at how many 320 owners are having this problem. Wouldn't it make sense to correct this at Vance and eliminate the warranty repair/tow payments. This has to be a major known issue for MB.
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