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Transmission: Pilot Bushing and ETC control Module

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Hey, guys. Just got my '98 e320 back from the dealer to get a recalled part replaced. He also gave me a service estimate. Check it out:

You have a couple different problems the engine mass air flow sensor, and for the transmission the pilot bushing is leaking and has gotten fluid into the etc control module,both the bushing and etc control module will need to be replaced,also the water pump bearing is bad and has play in the shaft. These repairs would cost about $1800.00,I will give you a brake down when you pick up car.The harmonic balancer was not involved in the recall. Also the etc control module would have to be ordered it is VIN specific to your car.I will call when the car and billing is ready.

Are these things that I could order from a website and take to an indie? What would you do? My budget is extremely limited. Let's just say, as a college student, I'd have to sell a kidney to afford the dealer rate. And no parental bailouts- I'm a libertarian. :D
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you got codes...

Okay.. yes those engine codes refer to the MAF, and "most" MAF's sold by Autozone are rebruilt by Cardone with Bosch used bodies and new China sensors.. on the MAF codes, order a fresh Bosch OE MAF from someone like (should be under $160) and get a fresh OE air filter too. Take the Autzone MAF back for a in-warranty replacement, then tajke that new replacement and sell it on eBay for like $80 and get some of your money back.

On the tranny, you codes, and you have very good advice..

On the water pump, I have no a visual check yousefl from underneath with a good flashlight, a failing water pump normally will show some advance signs of "weeping", meaning some coolant noramlly will start leaking out thru the pump and show on the block underneath it. If you buy a replacement part, make sure you get a quality OE replacement (again, like or a sponsor here) because there are some kncckoff's made in China or India that are lower quality and not worth the effort.
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