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Transmission: Pilot Bushing and ETC control Module

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Hey, guys. Just got my '98 e320 back from the dealer to get a recalled part replaced. He also gave me a service estimate. Check it out:

You have a couple different problems the engine mass air flow sensor, and for the transmission the pilot bushing is leaking and has gotten fluid into the etc control module,both the bushing and etc control module will need to be replaced,also the water pump bearing is bad and has play in the shaft. These repairs would cost about $1800.00,I will give you a brake down when you pick up car.The harmonic balancer was not involved in the recall. Also the etc control module would have to be ordered it is VIN specific to your car.I will call when the car and billing is ready.

Are these things that I could order from a website and take to an indie? What would you do? My budget is extremely limited. Let's just say, as a college student, I'd have to sell a kidney to afford the dealer rate. And no parental bailouts- I'm a libertarian. :D
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I haven't noticed a noise in the water pump. As for the MAF, I did replace it last July with one from Autozone, and it didn't have any residue or anything on it. Maybe the part was just inferior. But they want to charge $187 to take the MAF out and put another in. It's like changing a light bulb...I'm a little insulted.
Also, he cleared the codes, but I don't know what the codes were. I'll email him to try to find out.
That's just the installation... the part was $350. So total it would have been 190+350+$540.
Fortunately I heeded my dad's wise words and cut my losses at the diagnostic fee. I'll know to ask here first next time.

It looks like that info about the bushing and the fluid in the unit will save me hundreds of dollars. I hope I can return the favour some day.
I got the codes back.

That's exactly right. Unreliable shifting, RPM flares and jerky shifts, and shutting down fixed it. So, I need to check the conductor plate, and replace the pilot bushing. I took the cover off and looked at the ETC, and it didn't have any ATF in there. It could be that it would be where I couldn't see it, in which case I would have to take it out, or it could be that the dealer wiped out the fluid, but the latter is unlikely, because there wasn't a $49 rag disposal fee on the invoice.

I'll have time this Thursday. I work from 16:00 to 02:30 Sunday through Wednesday, and I've been chaperoning my Boy Scout Troop all weekend.
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